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Americans use PlanOffers Net to compare American home internet plans and providers, plus mobile plans and providers, and many other types of plans and providers, as well as finding helpful information on a range of personal finance topics. This is in addition to comparisons of home energy plans and providers, as well as web hosting plans & providers. Our aim is to save them time by doing comparisons for them, in hopes of saving them money, and maybe making us money from affiliate links, ads, and such. Some people may find reviews of streaming services and TV providers. Please Contact us to discuss advertising your plans and services on our PlanOffers Net website.

Having your company and your plans listed on our website is free. Free listings do not include links to your website or call centre. Neither do they show your phone number or your website URL address. Having such links might bring traffic to your website or call center. (Not having such links is unlikely to do either). Interested consumers visting your website or calling you, might result in sales. Your call.